Competition Results 16/17

  • October Print Judge: Gary Langley

Colour Prints 1st Roy Maddison  2nd Mick Jerham  Roy Lewin

Ian Litchfield scored 20, but did not gain a place.

Mono Prints 1st Peter W. Cheetham (20)  2nd Roy Maddison  3rd Carol Rhodes

  • November PDI Judge: Ian Pinn

Colour PDI 1st Shelley Lee  2nd Eric Ladbury  3rd Alan Birkin (20)

Mono PDI 1st Roy Maddison & Silke Neugaertner & Shelley Lee (20)

  • January Prints Judge: Malcolm Cook

Colour Prints 1st Silke Neugaertner (20)  2nd Roy Maddison  3rd Carol Cheetham & Judith Newton

Mono prints 1st Carol Rhodes (20)  2nd Roy Maddison Silke Neugaertner

  • February PDI Judge: Jacqui Grafton

Colour PDI 1st Roy Lewin  2nd Carol Rhodes & Eric Ladbury

No 20 were scored

Mono PDI 1st Shelley Lee (20)  2nd Eric Ladbury  3rd Carol Rhodes

  • March Print Judge: Ian Pinn

Colour Print 1st  Roy Maddison (20)  2nd Carol Rhodes  3rd Silke Neugaertner & Mick Jerham

Mono Print 1st  Roy Maddison & Silke Neugaertner (20)  2nd Carol Rhodes

  • April PDI Judge: Vin Scothern

Colour PDI 1st Silke Neugaertner  2nd Paul McLaughlin (20)  3rd Alan Birkin, Roy Maddison & Shelley Lee

Mono PDI  1st Eric Ladbury (20)  2nd Roy Maddison  3rd Paul McLaughlin, Ray Bates & Shelley Lee

  • Dennis Shipman Memorial A4 Mono Print    Judge: All Members

1st Carol Rhodes – Normanton Church, Rutland Water  2nd  Robert Cave – White- tailed Eagle   3rd Carol Rhodes – Hosta leaves

  • End of year overall results

One card at Matlock Bath  1st Carol Rhodes

Mono Prints  1st Carol Rhodes  2nd Roy Maddison  3rd Peter Cheetham HonPAGB

Colour Prints  1st Roy Maddison  2nd Carol Cheetham CPAGB APAGB 3rd Mick Jerham

Mono Projected  1st Eric Ladbury 2nd Shelley Lee  3rd Roy Maddison

Colour Mono 1st Eric Ladbury  2nd Roy Maddison & Shelley Lee

Dennis Shipman Memorial A4 Mono Print  1st Carol Rhodes

Only two members entered all six monthly competitions in both mono and colour.   Well done Ray Bates & Roy Maddison

Photography for all.

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