1. Entries are accepted from fully paid members only

2. Entries to be accepted at the discretion of the Committee

3. There are 6 Competitions per year consisting of Prints and PDI. There is no competition in September and December. Maximum entry is 2 Mono Prints and/or 2 Colour Prints and/or 2 Colour PDI’s and/or 2 Mono PDI’s. The 6th Competition will be themed. Please list each section in your preferred order as numbers may need to be reduced for the competition – see new entry forms.

4. Any print or image cannot be entered more than twice in Monthly Competitions or entered in consecutive Monthly Competitions

5. Prints and Images entered in Monthly Competitions should not be more than 2 years old

6. A negative/image may be used more than once to produce a different print/PDI for competitions

7. Entry Forms to be completed listing prints/images in order of preference as the number of entries may be restricted due to quantity


1. Each print to have author’s name, title and Club name on the reverse

2. Print Size – one dimension to be a minimum of 9”.   Print Mount Size 500mm x 400mm

3. Prints must be handed in 1 week prior to the competition evening.

Projected Digital Image

1. Entries on a CD or Stick must be handed in 1 week prior to the competition evening.    Email entries are not acceptable.    Name on CD not labels/name tags on sticks

2. Image size – 1400 x 1050 – (maximum horizontal dimension 1400 pixels, maximum vertical dimension 1050 pixels).      Files must be in jpeg

3. All titles must be in the format: 1_THE TITLE_THE AUTHOR.jpg

Marking System

The highest 2 marks for each person’s entry in each section of Monthly Competitions to be carried forward to the end of the season when the 6 Competitions, in each section, will be added up to make a final total.

In the event of a tie the Competition positions, i.e. the number of firsts, then the number of seconds, etc. will be used to break the tie.   This will be based on all 6-competition results.

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